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Seventh Avenue Apothecary Hand Poured Soy Candles in Signature Glass

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  • 14 oz Capacity Rocks Glass
  • Burn Time: 65 hours
  • Wax Family: Food-Grade Soy Wax
  • Net Weight: 11 oz
  • Phthalate Free
  • Lead free, double cotton cored wicks
  • Dimensions: 4.25″ tall x 3.25″ wide

Made in Tampa, hand-poured, one at a time.  A true artisan crafted candle.  This company is a mother-daughter owned small business that takes pride in making each candle perfectly.  They are also proud to use American grown soybeans and supplies sourced in American.  Their candles are amazing!  I fell in love with them when I was in a local business that was burning one and I knew I had to have it.   Instantly I was taken with the smell.  I am not someone that can do a lot of fragrances because of allergies etc., but I love, love, love these candles.  I always have one or well maybe closer to six in my home.  They make incredible gifts for the person with discriminating taste. 

There is a difference in candles.  These are so finely crafted and they are also a healthier candle because they are soy candles. Soy is a healthier alternative to paraffin wax in that it does not release dangerous carcinogens into the air when melted like paraffin wax does. Burning and/or melting paraffin releases at least 11 known toxins—two of which are carcinogens—into the air. Some of the other toxins released from paraffin candles are the same found in paint, lacquer, etc.

Another benefit of soy wax is that your candle lasts longer.  Soy is a softer wax, therefore it doesn’t take as much heat to melt.  They generally need a cooler burning wick and therefore the wax isn’t burning as fast as regular paraffin candles.  So they can literally last twice as long as regular candles!  Awesome right?

The fragrances are out of this world.  I am offering some of my favorites and I will do my best to describe them to you, but you truly have to experience them yourself.  These candles are perfect for those who are self-proclaimed candle snobs:)

Tobacco + Vanilla Bourbon - Hands down my fav!!! Warm and rich notes of the tobacco leaf are combined with a caramel mouth-watering aroma of bourbon and finished off with a layer of cinnamon.  When in doubt, choose this candle!  This is one of the top three best selling candles for the company.  I know both men and women love this one.  You will not be disappointed.

Tobacco + Fireside - Its like stepping back into time for the holidays at Granddad’s house.  Tobacco Fireside captures the scent of sitting in front of a warm crackling fire and the smell of the richness of sweet tobacco. Fresh pine and cedarwood are accented with patchouli, golden amber, warm musk, and a touch of Eucalyptus for good measure.

Sugar glaze + Cinnamon - Warm and so yummy baked treats are sprinkled with spicy cinnamon and finished with sweet glazed icing.  This candle is cozy and mouth watering all at the same time.  You will want to put on your p.j.s and get cozy on the couch with a blanket and treat yourself to an indulgent dessert.  

Cinnamon Whiskey + Spruce - Christmas time and everyone is dressed in their holiday best toasting with warm cinnamon spices and smoky, full-bodied whiskey paired with fresh cool sprigs of spruce.

Tuscan Cypress + Fig - Both energizing and relaxing, this scent pairs the clean and earthy aroma of Italian leafy floral with notes of sun-ripened fig.  The most popular fragrance from the line is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and dreaming of a Mediterranean summer.  This is the ultimate spa fragrance.

Cranberry + Winter Squash - The new twist to fall family hearth dinners! Tart cranberries are blended to perfection with hints of warm chestnut, rich butternut squash and pure pumpkin puree. It makes you nostalgic for the big family gatherings that fill your heart with joy.

Minted Grapefruit + Sage - Energizing and juicy grapefruit topped off with the herbal freshness of Earthen sage. The candle is cooled off with a top note of freshly picked spearmint.  This is also very much a spa fragrance or a refreshing fragrance to have in the kitchen or the bathroom as you are getting ready for your day.

Alpine +Fallen Snow - Imagine that its a cool Winter evening (“imagine” is all we can do here in Florida!! It really never gets that cold) and you are sitting around a warm bonfire with the people you love.  Suddenly, snow starts to fall all around you.  The crisp evening air is full of notes of refreshing eucalyptus and zesty lemon accent with a heart of camphor and fir needle.  Sandalwood and creamy musk round out the fragrant air leaving a sweet smooth dry down.  It’s the magic of a winter night filled with the joy of the holidays that are to come.


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